What to offer

Simon Dogger is able to organize and guide the process from idea, to concept, to prototype for projects in the field of inclusion and social change. Being a user expert, he uses his design tools to answer the assignment demand on a multi-disciplinary level.

With an understanding of organization structures, access to target groups, and a connection to hard and software developers Simon Dogger is able to create logic, efficient and transparent design trajectories to a specific outcome. His work is a result of co-operation between Universities, Product developers, organizations, and stakeholders. His projects aim at enriching the quality of communication for the visually impaired (the Emotion-whisperer), independent access to public locations (Tik-Tik Indoor navigation) and to make museum accessible for everyone (Feelscape)

What to offer?

Stake-holder group research
With the ability to lay connection with specific target groups and to communicate from out an understanding, Simon Dogger is able to indicate user experience with a high-quality outcome to implement user research at the start of a design trajectory allowing the process to be logic, efficient and durable.

Based upon the Stake-holder research and the specific direction of the assignment, throughout several phases the textual and visual concepts will be shared making the concept phase transparent.

Prototype development
Due to collaboration and existing connections to technology partners, software and product developers, craftsmen and graphic designers a prototype phase can be organized, structured and executed.

Validation research
Prototype or following versions can be validated on a small or large scale wherein the connection to Universities and Stake-holders is raising the expectations of the outcome