Studio Simon Dogger is a design studio that develops product-based, conceptual and auditory projects. that include the design, research, production and implementation of. applications, audio visual media, objects and products. In addition, it gives advice, presentations and workshops in the field of Art, Art institutions, design, innovation and inclusion.

Studio Simon Doggeris a company of Simon Dogger who graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017 as a blind designer. With his position as an expert by experience and designer, he uses his knowledge to organize, guide and implement design and development processes. The projects he works on are aimed at increasing the quality of life of the visually impaired, but are not limited to that target group. In 2020 he won the Dutch Design Award discipline Young Designer.

His mission is to promote equality in society through innovation. The Emotion-Whisperer, a tool that converts body language into a vibration, and Tik-Tik, a navigation app that provides independent access in public locations, are projects with co operationpartners such as the University of Amsterdam, Technical University of Eindhoven, Van Abbe museum Eindhoven and the product developers Vention Technologies and Elitac BV.

Social Design and Design Thinking are prominent guidelines of Studio Simon Dogger. It involves the stakeholders in the design process at an early stage through interviews, email surveys, user research and validation research, but it also looks at the feasibility of products. An iterative development proces turns the information from research into new prototypes and user studies. This creates logical, efficient, realistic and feasable design and innovation trajectories.