What to offer

Simon Dogger is able to give lectures and workshops wherein participants are invited to look from another point of view. Creating an interaction between speaker and audience his visual narratives create an understanding of his world and the way he works.

Lecture themes:
• the inclusive society
• a Design practice from a non-visual perspective
• sensory substitution and sensory augmentation in product development
• technology within human values



“The presentation of Simon Dogger is one of the most impressive that the BNO has organized in the past ten years. In these lectures talented designers talk about their practice and work. Simon incorporates the audience on a multi-sensory level and is able to lay a connection between worlds: that of the visual and non-visual interpretation of design.”

Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers

“Simon Dogger gave the audience a fantastic new view on awareness of surroundings through his presentation of the emotion-whisperer. With his ability to focus on new technology together with his creativity he gives new perspectives. It is a pleasure to perceive his ideas, enthusiasm and inspiring ideals.”

Markus Hauptmann
AUTO Quality Manager Skoda

“With his unique ability to paint an image with words, Simon entranced his audience. Employing different forms of audience participation, he took his audience on a journey to understand and to be in full consciousness of their sense of touch and hearing. Simon’s presentation has embodied the teaching of Confucius “Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand”.

Chin-Lien Chen
Amsterdam UX Event Organizer

“The lecture of Simon Dogger is based upon imaginary power. As a designer he pulls the audience into his world in order to send them back to their reality with new insights.

Martijn Paulen
director Dutch Design Foundation