Mission and vision

Mission & Vision

A healthy society is made up of a diverse group of inhabitants who all take in an equal position in life. Cultural, governmental and social values which are interpreted from out regular perspectives, shut out those who are different. Whether you are blind, colored, deaf, female or in a wheelchair, when you do not fit in to this “normality” it is more difficult to have access to the labor market, to participate and to socially integrate.

Inclusive governmental practice leads to a change of culture, shifting the value that is given to the diverse inhabitants, redefining the state of normal in society. Whether it is about the change of organization structures, push toward change of laws and rules or creating the solutions that stimulate physical, mental, social and financial accessibility, designers play an important role in this transition.

Simon Dogger is a designer with the mission to stimulate social change in society. His work consists out of design trajectories, workshops and international lectures. He questions the level of inclusion in society and researches the cause of non-inclusive structures in organizations and culture, laying a broad foundation in his work. Becoming blind in 2009 and graduating the Design Academy in 2017, as a user expert he is able to lay connection to the target groups, understand their desires and create suitable solutions for a specific assignment.

Due to his collaboration with universities, software developers, product developers and craftsmen the process from design question, to prototype and implementation will be logic, efficient, validated and durable. In his lectures he is able to create a bridge between worlds: making the, often seeing, audience aware of a hard to understand non-visual guidelines and the need for an inclusive society.