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Welcome to Simon Dogger's

Who is Simon Dogger?

Senses are the core element in my work as a designer. Not only a way that delivers unique and innovative insights but also a route that I am not able to alter: I became blind 6 years ago. Unable to focus upon vision and esthetics I traded these skills for thinking different and trusting upon other strongly developed senses.

Wherein visual information could also create borders, I tend to look at things from a different perspective.

Sound and sense design

I tune in deeper on the question what and why people do and feel. This delivers in-depth information on a subject. Not bothered by esthetics and using my strong developed senses allows me to dig in to the essential core. I develop and produce the concept, strategy, sound recording and directorship. Using the visual execution of other professionals I offer innovative and unique outcomes.

What do I offer:
Create sounds that express an emotion, fascination or beauty.
Direct a movie that tells a story.
Develop a concept that raises questions.
Think out a strategy without looking.



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Simon Dogger

sound & sense design

T: 06 17 13 78 33