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Who is Simon Dogger?

Simon Dogger (1977) travelled the world by bike for a large part of his live. It gave him a base understanding of people, why they do what they do. This led to the core direction in his work: he is human centered.

Simon lost his sight during his study in 2010, returned to assume the education and graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017. He works without the limitations of estethical borders, focussing upon the core of design: the intellect. In this manner he developed a proces of “looking” different. to questions, interpretations and assignments. As sensitivity, emotions and intuition are more important for him than the traditional visual skills this gives him a unique position.

Turning his loss into a desire he boldly connects the human value to innovative solutions, stimulating others to connect in order to make thins work.

Inventive inclusive designer

Simon Dogger works as an inventive inclusive designer. His mission is to develop products and spaces that stimulate independence, connection and innovation.

He creates solutions to fit institutional locations to an inclusive atmosphere. Whether this would be advice, concepts or products for public or private institutions. Finding the core of human questions and needs, applying the best and most efficient way to approach inclusive culture, he stimulates independence and equality for all users.

Being as well user, user expert as designer, it gives the benefit of having a clear approach and faster validation proces.



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Simon Dogger

Inventive inclusive design

T: 06 17 13 78 33